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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Victoria Turnbull

Victoria Turnbull

Photographer / Music reviewer / Interviewer / DJ / Events organiser / Marketing / Social networking genius

Work overview

Multi-skilled Creative Genius. Dabbles in photography, DJ'in, event organising and running the award-winning arts Charity

Originally from Sheffield, Victoria graduated in Media Production from Salford University years ago and has been living in Manchester for 8 years. She DJ’s, reviews and interviews new bands and likes putting a camera in front of her face. With placements at BBC Manchester and Key 103, Victoria is currently Operations Manager at, an award-winning national charity, doing her darndest over the last 6 years, to support and promote over 10,000 of the UK’s best creative talent across the media. In between she freelances as a TV Production Manager and has a good go at taking photos. She also writes reviews for new music releases and gigs across Manchester and interviews bands and stuff about interesting things; all for the hot and tasty online mecca of exciting new music Silent Radio. Some of which you will read here. She organises her monthly ‘Road to Joy’ night in Manchester, with some delicious Americana, folk and indie/pop n rock. Victoria is available to write things (music-related articles/ reviews, copy etc) interview folk, and play some songs.

Photo's of everyday stuff

My photos - a mix of digital and film, lomo and photoshopped. Guess which is which