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Brightlingsea, Colchester, United Kingdom

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Jonathan Chance

Work overview

I studied art and design then fine art in college completing with grades; merit and dinstinction. After college ended my brother and i got into filmmaking in a big way; we have made a z budget feature length horror film which made its way on to distribution at the beginning of the year with a U.S based indie DVD company. 'The Veil' has been praised by critics; 'The Veil succeeds where countless of its multi-million dollar and fellow indie counterparts have fallen flat on their faces.' (Ulises Silva Quietearth.US) Nigel Buckland of channel 4's (Vids) fame, Kerrang magazine and other web reviews,and magazines to name a few can be found on our website. Our second film a short titled 'Chainmail' was a finalist for the Delta award at the International Festival for fantastic films held in Manchester and officially selected at the AOF film festival held in L.A. Now, this year it will shortly be showing on SKY's 115 channel to an audience of 8-14 million viewers in UK and Europe . Our latest short film 'The Day I Tried to Live' has just grabbed the award for 'Best Guerilla Film' at again the L.A based AOF Film Festival. I am a Filmmaker,Writer, Director Actor and Editor to name a few! We make films to prove what can be done with little money. If we were financed or funded in our projects the ideas we have the possibilties would be endless with what we could do.

The Day i Tried to Live