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London, United Kingdom

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Leah Capaldi

I am an artist


Royal College of Art, 2008-10, MA Sculpture, University of Brighton 2004-07, BA (hons) Sculpture, The crossover area between the disciplines of sculpture and performance are of particular interest to Leah Capaldi’s practice, with echoes of the seminal performance work of the late 1960s and early 70s. She explores the pivotal relationship between object or subject, encouraging the audience to question themselves in relation to the work and playing with notions of surveillance and spectatorship. “It’s such a ‘safe’ space, the gallery space. Within a gallery, we can see the most horrendous images or we can be part of anything, and it’s diluted because of the confines of the art cathedral. If I can get people to experience the rupture or interruption of their viewing, I can shake them out of that. If they’re going around in a bit of a daydream, I wonder if there’s something I can do to prod them and draw them back, to realise that there’s something else happening that they weren’t aware of. There’s also a very accepted way of viewing work; why should there be?” Leah Capaldi in Interview with Ellen Mara de Wachter. BIOGRAPHY Leah Capaldi (b. 1985, Chertsey, UK) lives and works in London. She holds an MA in Sculpture, Royal College of Art (2010). Recent solo exhibitions include: Invites, 176/ Zabludowicz Collection, London (2012); the Incubate Festival, Tilburg, Holland (2012), Parts and Labour at Camberwell Space, London (2012) and Prop at Vitrine Bermondsey Square, London (2012). Group shows include Give Me Strength in My Heart, Copenhagen Place, London (2012); David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2011); and New Contemporaries 2011. She was a finalist for the Catlin Prize in 2011 and winner of the EXPOSURE Prize 2010 at Parasol Unit.

What's Happening


I make art



Vitrine, London (FORTHCOMING JAN)



No Questions – Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel, Switzerland
mass. en masse. mass medium. - Cafe Gallery Projects, London 



Untouchable - The Flying Dutchman, London

Invites - 176/ Zabludowicz Collection, London

Incubate Festival - Tilburg, Holland,

Parts and Labour – Camberwell Space, London

Prop - Vitrine, London THE ELEPHANT TRUST
Give Me Strength In My Heart - Copenhagen Place, London
Everything – Institute of Contemporary Art, London



New Contemporaries - Institute of Contemporary Art, London
FRIEZE Performance Evening - David Roberts Art Foundation, London
New Contemporaries - Site Gallery and S1 Artspace, Sheffield
The Hole - London
The Catlin Art Prize 2011 - The Tramshed, London
The King and The Minotaur - Wignall and Moore, London
GlueGun - The Hospital Club, London



The Plaza Principle – Leeds Shopping Plaza, Leeds

EXPOSURE 2010 - Parasol Unit, London

London Lola - Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt

Young Gods - Charlie Smith, London

SHOW RCA - Royal College of Art, London

Park Night - Pump House Gallery, London

Unitary Structures - STEW, Norwich

Embrace RCA at ECA - Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Testing Ground : Live - 176/ Zabludowicz Collection, London



Sausage Nose – Kunsthochschule, Berlin

A Race Against Myself – Tim Pritchard, London

Making Mistakes – Paradise Row Gallery, London

NOISE – URBIS, Manchester

NOISE – Liverpool Biennial (show curated by Stella Vine), Mathew Street Gallery, Liverpool


Education / Qualifications

09/01/2004 - 07/01/2007

University of Brighton


BA (hons) Sculpture



Education / Qualifications

09/01/2008 - 07/01/2010

Royal College of Art


MA Sculpture




Art Foundation Yoma Sacksburg fellowship shortlist (FORTHCOMING)

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Art Foundation


Finalist Girton College residency shortlist

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Girton College - Caimbridge Univeristy


Finalist Catlin Art Prize

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Catlin Art Prize


Parasol Unit EXPOSURE 2010 prize

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Parasol Unit foundation for contemporary art


Michael Hicks prize for sculpture

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Univeristy of Brighton

2 X 3
TK Legs
Sculpture 12cm X 16cm X 8cm
Sculpture 2m43cm X 2m43cm X 6m09cm
The Perfect Perfume


Dream Job

To contine making work.

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