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Adam Mcelligott


Specializing in graphical illustration, I aspire by creating ideas and combining them with the right general aesthetic means to communicate the message more effectively. I'm a recent graduate from 'University of the Arts London' - Camberwell college of Arts. As any other newly graphic design graduate, I'm constantly thinking of ways in which to get my work seen by the right clients and break out in the industry. I thrive off being under the pressure of new challenges and meeting deadlines, traveling and working around the world as I've in New York with leading illustration collective, 'Vault49'. I've recently just set up my own entity design label 'Gaia9' which showcases all of my latest and tasteful illustrations and graphic design projects some of which are sellable, from screen prints onto handmade khadi paper to imperial size etches onto metal plates. Still gathering the experience and knowledge that I need from the industry to make it on my own... Together with other design companions I wish to set up collectively our own little design collaborative establishment. Visit my website '' and I welcome you to take a gander :)

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