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Alex Driver


During my time at the Royal College of Art, I tried to make the most of the other departments and really got a taste for collaborative work. I'm torn at the moment between working freelance from a shared studio (with a view to participating in more collaborative work), and going down the design consultancy route to learn how to manage projects commercially. Before studying industrial design, I studied mechanical engineering at Imperial College, so I'm also keen to continue taking on projects with a strong technical background. I'm currently continuing work on my degree project, which is concerned with the development of Science Museum-like playground equipment that teaches children about simple physical principles such as energy and force. My main areas of interest include design for children, medical product design and human powered products. Exhibitions, Awards and Achievements Royal College of Art Show 2005 Highly Commended, Future Thinking Award, Design for Our Future Selves, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, 2005 Dyson Studentship, 2004/05 Industrial Design Studentship - The Royal Commission for the Great Exhibition of 1851, 2003-05 Shortlisted, Visa Creative Intelligence, RCA, 2004 Swarfega prize for best 3rd year project - Imperial College London 2002 Neil Watson Memorial Prize for Excellence in Oral Communication - Imperial College London, 2001 Arkwright Scholarship for Design - Arkwright Foundation 1999

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