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Macclesfield, United Kingdom

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Alicia Wilkinson


Alicia Wilkinson is a contemporary textile designer. She designs innovative textiles that push the boundaries of conventional design, by utilising digital technologies in tandem with a traditional design aesthetic. Designing innovative textiles for the domestic and commercial interior, employing a delicate marriage of design and emotion. Alicia's designs explore the lyrical potential of light by using shadow play and projection, and by exploiting the possibilities of materials, technologies and visual effects. By adopting an experimental approach to drawing, utilising the laser as a tool combined with CAD, Alicia's designs evolve from an exploration of positive and negative spaces created by projections of flowers and nature that cast delicate, enchanting shadows, evoking a night blooming garden. Alicia particularly adores delicacy and detail, the idea of tactility evolving from a play of light on texture and the added dimension created by light that emanates through layers of her work.

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