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BIOGRAPHY The Authors are: Michael Kelly: As DJ Deval, Michael has been involved in the music industry for almost 10 years and is still only 24 years old. He has DJ'ed across Europe with appearances on BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra and Galaxy FM. With a number of UK based residences including Manchester and Newcastle, Michael also runs his own record label (12th Round Recordings) and youth music development consultancy. Rob Reeves: From a background working with various bands & artists Rob (AKA Kaleida) quickly became recognized as one of the rising stars within the Formation Records camp. Several releases later and Rob finished his first solo album project in 2005. A focus on quality rather than quantity allowed Rob to shine through as a truly musical producer in every sense of the word. The Authors originated when two music producers came together with the purpose of creating a project capable of pushing boundaries through creativity, innovation and tenacity. They plan to work with a plethora of vocalists and musicians all complemented by a third dimension of digital artwork. The pair met on the Northwest DJ circuit and began to exchange tunes and remix each others work, which culminated in them collaborating on 'Cant You See?' (a track signed by L Double for Flex Recordings). In December 2005 The Authors was born and their music has received support from the likes of DJ Trace, Sappo, Influx UK, Ashatack, Xample, Phobia, Stalefish (France), DJ Seen (NYC), NDL (Austria), Flavour (Holland), ARP XP (Italy), Daywalkers and L Double amongst others. The Authors' sound is influenced by the diversity of its founders with a backdrop of melodic purity and technical expertise.

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