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EDUCATION: College - Bolton Community College National diploma in design Manchester Metropolitan University BA, third year. ACHIEVEMENTS: Exhibition - 'Out of What' 2008 - Upperspace Art Gallery, Manchester. MOTIVATION: Photography, in all its forms and executions has forced me to explore and discover aspects of life and individuals from whom I might normally shy away. The courage needed to explore one's own reality often comes as a direct result of examining that of another. The recording of life, situations and people becomes obsessional and a vital component in their, and your own deliverance. I adhere to a coherent narrative approach throughout my work. The processes involved in producing a final image are broadened not only by the exploration of modern and future photographic technology, but also by the embracing of all picture-producing methodologies sometimes from the very dawn of photography. Exploration, discovery and eventual exhibition are the goals of my journey excellence in all is what I seek. Influence Robert Frank's approach to the telling of a story and documenting of the lives of ordinary people against the landscape of America in the 1950's, has influenced my approach to recording my surroundings. Although sometimes a little contrived, his compositions are strong and thought provoking. Caravaggio's manipulation of light and composition in order to tell a dramatic story has influenced me to explore not only chosen angles and light sources, but the concentration of light to emphasise detail in a particular area of a given composition. Colour or the lack of it also contributes to the chosen narrative.

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