Artist/ Chloë Feldman Emison

Lee, NH, USA

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Chloë Feldman Emison

I make drawings (pen and ink / or watercolor and inks / sometimes metallic / sometimes with gold leaf / sometimes with coffee or glue or glass glitter) that ultimately depend on close observation of nature / although in most cases they show that which could never have actually been observed. I seek to find a new kind of beauty within what might seem ugly / in place of a more normalized and routine kind of beauty. I want to make an art that invokes what is admirable / yet is uncomfortable to look at / that acknowledges the pain of our existence without surrendering to that pain. / Other than that / the work varies greatly. Sometimes it is representational and sometimes not; sometimes / very meticulous and sometimes not; sometimes in black and white and sometimes in color. Sometimes the body is monstrous and sometimes not. /