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Gateshead, United Kingdom

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Daniel Smith

Word botherer / crowd pleaser / lowest common denominator


Comedy performance poet. Rhymes about cats, video games, and being socially awkward. Swears a little bit too much.

I have been performing spoken word around the country for the past 5 or so years. Currently based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, I am training to be a primary school teacher. My poetry is mainly comedy based, I love performing to a crowd and bouncing off the instant feedback I get.

I've recently finished performing in a play I co-wrote with fellow poet Asa Maddison, which was written entirely in verse. Called 'Best Bitter', it was commissioned by local theatre company Alphabetti Spaghetti. We performed for 5 nights, to near-universal praise.

I take my influences from all aspects of life, whether that be my peers in the vibrant spoken word scene, or from comedians, or punk music. For me, my art is all about making people happy. I want to entertain. If I can take the weight of the world off someone's shoulders for the duration they see me perform, what an honour that is.

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Cat person


Welsh (has no accent)


Video Game junkie


tragically middle class.

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Cat Whisperer

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