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Faye Chan

Faye Chan


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06/12/2014 - 06/21/2014



Degree show / Summer show 2014


Wimbledon College of Arts

152x152cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2014


First Place in the Arts in the 1st Annual

Where from:

Nan Hai Zhi Xin Hight School Impromptu Arts and Calligraphy Competition


Excellent Achievement Award in the 4th Annual 2007

Where from:

“Start of the Arts” National Competition for Young Emerging Artists in the Arts, Calligraphy, and Photography


10/01/2013 - Present

The view outside my window


wimbledon CAPSTICKS

Education / Qualifications

06/20/2011 - 06/21/2014

University of the Arts London



I am a BA ( Hons) degree graduate from Wimbledon College of Arts, part of the University of the Arts London. My major is Fine art painting.

About My Art:  

My art is more like a personal diary, as it keeps a record of my daily life experiences as well as my work being an expression of my self awareness. There is a unique story behind each of my works. Perhaps it is a memory of a person who has joined the angels, or the reappear of some of the places I have ever been to, a mysterious dream, reflect my understanding of living and love. However, my works are full of imagination, fantasy, light sensations and mystery. Colour is one of the most imoirtant elements in my art. Through subjective, abstract geometric figures and random lines expres my feelings, illusions and inner thoughts.   

As mentioned above, my artwork is not based on a particular photograph but rather from memories or my unconscious. I aways out my canvas on the floor, moving around the edge and painting very quickly. This is usually done is acrylic as well. It tends to emphasize personal thoughts with subjective stronf colours and abstract shapes as I want my art to express feeings rather thatn illustrate them. Through my artwork, I hope that my audience will enter a world that is full of colors and fantasy.

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