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Bristol, United Kingdom

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I Am Horse

I Am Horse

I Am Horse are a Bristol-based all female collective producing 'chamber-pop-tronica'


From twisted love-lorn chamber ballads to electronica, the all-female I Am Horse take you through a range of genre, with an occasional nod to the dance floor.

I Am Horse are currently playing as a 5-piece and with the majority of members being muti-instrumentalists, during a live show you will see piano, drums, synthesisers, loops, beats, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, glockenspiel and melodica. I Am Horse are often described as 'distinctly original' due to the multiple influences to the music, which range from classical, pop, hip-hop and dance music, through to electronica and experimental music. All these influences mean that there is no one sound, and the band swoop from classical to folk to dance to things that are a little quirky.

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