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Crewe, United Kingdom

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Jamie Waddington


Iridal is an audio visual journey through culture, lifestyle and adventure... The duo are dance producer Jamie Waddington and VJ Andrew Luisis who share a vision of perfect unity between sound and video. Each medium on its own is a moving experience, combined it is explosive. Both Jamie and Andrew have seen successful in their previous projects; Jamie’s music has graced our screens on snowboarding show Riders and Rich Kids and Andrews graffiti artwork has been subversively acclaimed. Their feel good shows take you across the world, from the colour of India to the quirkiness of Japan. They are journeys through addictive mixes of down tempo grooves and massively uplifting highs that leave an audience exhausted and wondering why their hands are still in the air. It is an experience that stays with you all through the weekend and even into the bump of reality that is the day job.

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