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Staffordshire, United Kingdom

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Jenny Walters


My degree show consisted of 4 projects. I have designed a set of 4 stamps that celebrated the British coastlines. The stamps are designed so that the edge of stamps became the edge of the coastline. My second project was based on looking into a community that you were interested in. I looking into the prison community my final solution was a book that was designed to look at the difference between confinement and freedom. From entering the D&AD competition I designed and weaved a set of promotional bags from a selection of papers from the Arjowiggins collection they were designed to advertise their company at a luxury packaging exhibition. From looking into how we record time, we are in an age were time has become more and more important to us. With time sheets and deadlines time has become valuable and a measured commodity my final project demonstrates that when we consider negative time such as waiting, queuing and shopping there is often a positive and sometimes a constructive outcome.

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