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Jodie Couling

Jodie Couling



Barnsley College Department of Art, Design & Fashion

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wallpaper length


04/12/2014 - 09/19/2014

Crumb's cafe barnsley college



The dates arnt acurate as I amnot in a position to check them at the moment however i had to stop working for them as I felt i needed to consantrate more on my artwork and also there was too much going on in my personal life however i very much enjoyed working with them and belive that it helped me so much with my confidence and tought me a lot of skills that i can and will use through out my life.


my employer said I was hard working and fast learning. I picked up the skills quick . this was said my my employer sherly.



As i am studying art I have developed my creative thoughts with time and learnt to widen my comfort zone and experiment with other medias. As well as an artist side to myself i am also currantly wrighting a book which i hope to get published once finished.


works well with a team

throughout my time at barnsley college I worked at "cumb's cafe" where I worked along side and suported people with learning disabilaties as well as comunicating with customers and my employers. I found that this really brought me out of my shell and helped my confidence to grow. and develop my listening and understanding aswell.


Lino printing

I have found that in my few years at Barnsley college I am verry good with lino printing. I have created singal experimental prints , to a length of a floral wallpaper design, and also onto calico then making into a canvas.

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