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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Jordan O'Brien

Jordan O'Brien

Graphic Designer / illustrator / painter / sculptor / tinkerer. Fingers and toes in all the pies


Took all the pain in the world and made a crown.

Most of the imagery I create is in response to interesting uses of language. Just as words can sometimes have multiple meanings, and conjure up feelings and associations that differ from person to person, I feel that objects and characters can too. I enjoy working with my hands and creating physical objects as well as using a computer. take my inspiration from anywhere that I can find it, but it usually comes from the following: books about running away, film noir, music, found ephemera, forgotten machinery and buildings, western films, old cartoons and nature. My goal later in life is to become a spy, fearing that might not happen I will happily settle for working as an illustrator (would also take wrestler).

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