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Katie Shaw

Take photographs / style and enjoy life.


‘As the years pass it is easy to grow old and forget the little things that were once taken for granted. The world as I remember it when I was younger seems so far away; The wind in your hair when you used to run as fast as you could, the grazes on the knees with the endless summer holidays that used to last forever. There comes a point in life where you treasure the memories, no matter how much you let the inner child out as an adult you’ll never have the carefree freedom that once existed. The eyes that we see the world out of change, everything you once believed through determination and dreams alter as we face the real world. Growing up surrounded by boys, playing in-between the obstacles of toys and clothes piled on the floor for hours. Flying around with aeroplanes in this magical world that we could see between us in the dens created by towels and bed sheets. As you grow up things change wishing we could go back in a heart beat cherishing what was, however when your younger all you want to do is grow up. The stories of what was may cause the odd cringe and dread however one thing we take from it is to live for the moment and cherish youth.’

Hi, I'm Katie and I am a recent graduate within the area of Fashion Styling and Image Making, living in Manchester. One of Elaine Constantine's curators choice within the Photography category, currently featuring in an exhibition near the Tate Modern in London, Sumner Street with Noise.

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Feel free to follow my day to day goings on, with latest works and projects and also what my current inspirations are on my social medias listed below. Instagram: Twitter: Website coming soon!

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Elaine Constantine's Curators Choice

Amazed to be one of Elaine Constantines Curators Choice with in the Photography catagory 2014.




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Interview about my recent project 'Boyhood'

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01/07/2013 - 07/18/2013




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09/20/2010 - 07/17/2014

University of Salford


BA (Hons) Styling and Image Making 2.1

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