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Huddersfield, West Yorkshire , United Kingdom

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Lexi Lindley

Lexi Lindley

I am both photographer and graphic designer. I have strong social skills / which can support my photography as I communicate well with the client and therefore have a strong sense of what they need from me in relation to creative problem solving.


I wear little hats, drink Tea and obsess over cats.Talking to strangers is my favourite pastime time, actually just talking is.I would have been a fabulous Yorkshire hippie, hugging trees and dancing around the Moors. I love bright colours. My biggest regret is not being invited to the mad hatters tea party, damn you Lewis Carroll. Damn you.

Text and image is very important within my work, using photography and type. The content of my work mainly focus on reflecting a strong notion of making the ordinary extraordinary, capturing a way to celebrate the missed beauty that can be overlooked through our everyday life.

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Dream Job


Dream Job

designer oh.. and to be a full time sunflower.

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