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Totnes, United Kingdom

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Michelle Lang


I am interested in exploring the theme of architecture. After visits to Berlin, Prague, and Barcelona, my fascination has grown. I love taking photographs everywhere I go, looking at shapes, structures and shadows. My work involves making associations with shapes and themes. My strengths are in research and styling. I collate imagery, drawings, objects and words to illustrate and describe different architecture and memories places I have visited. I then produce sculptural, interactive, folding books. During my time at Somerset College, I have been successfull in two competitions. I won the Axminster Carpets 'Off the Wall' competition, and had my design made into a rug. I also won the 'Art for life' competition set by Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. My floral window design is in situ in one of the corridors. I am a student member of the Chartered Society of Designers, and was highly commended in their student awards, 2007.

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