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Mumjums Soul Band


A Recent Press Release A GROUP of young Portland musicians are proving that they have got soul as part of a national project to highlight emerging talent. Mumjums, a soul band featuring ex Year 11 pupils from Royal Manor College, is being supported by the Shine project for young musicians. The band has been singled out for praise by Shine's national director Carol Alevoroyianni as they aim to bring soul music to a wider community. The group is lining up a host of gigs across the area this summer and are planning to work with musicians from ITV's X Factor show as well as leading percussionist Lekan Babbalola. Mrs Alevoroyianni said: "What the Mumjums band has done so far takes real talent and passion and this group is destined to have a great career in the future. "Their schools and teachers recognised their talents early and gave them the initial lead to get involved with initiatives and work with other professional musicians who can guide and mentor them. "As a result, we're very keen to ensure that young people across the country can learn and be inspired by their lead and their energy." Mumjums vocalist Kerry Tosh, 16, said: "We're getting really into working out how we're going to make it all happen for us now and we're set to make sure that everyone else knows about it as well so that they can book us for their events. "The backing and attention that we're getting is fantastic and very exciting."

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