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BLACKPOOL, United Kingdom

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Natasha Ferguson


Over the past year I have been working on a lighting product. I was inspired by the energy saving light bulbs that have been brought in during this time. As the standard filament bulbs are being phased out in September I feel as a designer we should embrace them and show the public how beautiful they can be. When these bulbs are put into existing fittings they stand out too much and this could be one reason people are put off by them. I wanted to show these bulbs off instead of hiding them by a shade, so I focused my attention on the cable which no one has exploited yet. My design is based around the simple ceiling pendant as this is the raw requirements of lighting in the home. I developed many different prototypes for this range of work and feel my product is extremely versatile. Over the past 12 months I learnt to be an amateur electrician, and I wired up all my lights. My target audience can be a mixture of young children, young adults with my ranges in vibrant colour, and young adults to adults with my clear cable and mirror range. As we have to be more energy aware, not only as designers but as consumers I felt it my duty to use the leftovers of the acrylic to expand my range from lighting into other interior products. From this I developed a clock, mirror and surface pattern range which compliments my work.

What's Happening

close up of looping
final chandelier
extended prototype
initial looping

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