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sahara ezzi

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SaharA Ezzi Music creating new ways of Music designed to work in harmony with the tones and frequencies of the brain and chakras (energy systems) in the body to refresh your soul and heal your mind. Giving out frequencies and Visuals to alleviate stress, boost creativity, raise levels of consciousness and enhance sacred powers and illuminate pain, wisdom and harmony.

SaharA is a two piece electronic, experimental Audio/ Visual Act from Iran based in London. The haunting vocal talent of Sahara Ezzi has graced the stages of festivals and cultural events around the world from community art shows to the self expressive Burning Man. Sahara's electro- avant garde style and visuals captivate and conduct with a new wave of electric energy. Sahara's strength has also given voice to human rights activism of Iran at her BBC Persia, Freedom Of Music event performance. She embraces the ever changing landscape of musical performance art and culture with her ever evolving style.

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Bachelor Degree In Music Law



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My goal is to be a musical scentist and performer.

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