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Hounslow, London, United Kingdom

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Stanley Oommen


I'm a West London based rapper, eager for an opportunity to just get heard as i've always believed and still do, that if you LISTEN you'll see what makes me different from others who hold near enough the same title. Where i feel i can take it, or how far? Well in short i wouldn't be here if i didn't feel i could take it further from where this genre currently stands. I thank GOD, for me being able to listen, grow to, but mostly enjoy the music i've heard over the years, not nessecerely Hip-Hop but from all genres of music. I hope and strive for incorparating that passsion in my very own songs, my ideas, my way-of-life, and with life seeming dull at times, i want to bring, that FEEL GOOD MUSIC, to that REAL GOOD MUSIC!. If i'm not trying to that, i'm only ever trying to make that real TRUE MUSIC, and hope to relate to and even hopefully inspire people that with GOD and some hard work on whatever level your working at you can still make your dream or even dreams a reality.

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