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wilma stone


"My practice is the way I make sense of and survive life - a form of witness, a testimony of survival, a promise of imaginative projection as well as the commitment to honest appraisal, to stories that must be told."

Wilma Stone’s creative practice involves working across a range of media such as clay, paper, found objects, photography, film and print. Collecting, compiling and manipulating imagery and text through drawing and painting, copying, deleting, tracing and collage, she works towards creating a shared aesthetic encounter which affirms the potential of positive transformation and future possibility by rehabilitating the obsolete, overlooked, negated and refused. She addresses issues of memory, human relationships and history through the imagery and objects she makes. By embracing the practice of risk-taking, working with the unknown, failure and chance and always striving for authentic collaboration and connection with others, Stone works in reaction to and towards shattering actively cultivated blindness and the compulsion to repress. She produces ceramic free-standing forms as well as trans-disciplinary installations. Subverting traditional techniques and processes, she searches for ways to extract sustenance from objects by exploring questions of manufacture and consumption and the enchantment of beauty and ideology over the ugliness of exploitation. At all times her work is attempting to process the after-effects of personal and historical traumas. It is a practice of protest, defiance and dissidence; celebrating hopeful resistance and the power of personal revolution and becoming.

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